About Me

I consider myself a Holistic Health Practitioner. This means that I look at you as a WHOLE person: your body and physical wants and needs, what is happening emotionally in your life and how it affects you, your work, your play, your habits in eating, drinking, sleeping, even walking, that may be creating discomfort in your body.

When you come in, we will talk about what is going on in your life and your body, and the health goals you would like to set up and achieve with me. I will take your pulses (similar to acupuncture, but with no needles!) and see what systems and organs need balancing in your body, what pains need releasing.

I work in a warm, comfortable room, with you dressed in warm clothes, lying on your back on my massage table. Soft music is playing, and you have a comfortable eye pillow on your eyes to block the light.

I will give you a session that includes Japanese pressure point massage, CranioSacral Work, and some Shiatsu. Most clients go into a state of deep relaxation and release all their

tensions. You will enjoy it very much, and leave feeling restored and balanced. I will work with you on alleviating knee, back, shoulder, neck and arm pain, hormonal balancing, allergy easing, de-toxing from stress, and other toxins (including chemotherapy), anxiety release. I  can also make recommendations on  herb/natural products for other issues ( blood sugar balance, thyroid imbalance, insomnia, etc).